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Technical Experience

 We are well-versed in a variety of operating systems, networks, and databases. We use this expertise to help our customers with a variety of small to mid-sized projects.  

High ROI

 Many companies find that constant maintenance eats into their budget for new technology. By outsourcing your IT management to us, you can focus on what you do best--running your business. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

 That's why our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your company's needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional customer service. 

Manny Nunez Founder and Principal.

 I have the required experience, education, knowledge, personality and set of skills that you are seeking. Therefore, I believe that my unique combination of abilities qualifies me to be the ideal person for this position. I am highly experienced, well-trained and college educated. I am very confident in my abilities and I can perform a wide variety of tasks in a broad range of areas. I have an excellent record of proven results. During my 17+ year career in IT, I have personally managed, designed, implemented, migrated, and maintained many multi-server, multi-site, enterprise networks, including high-availability data center production environments. My forte is in the advanced architecture, design, project planning, testing, implementation, engineering, maintenance and systems administration of Microsoft Server technologies such as Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange Server, IIS, SQL. I am very strong with Hyper-V, Knowledgeable of VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi. Throughout my career, as a C-level Senior IT Manager, Systems Engineer and Consultant, I have worked very closely with well over one hundred clients, including Fortune 400 & 500, from all types of industries. My unique experiences have provided me with a great deal of insight into the many varieties of business environments and corporate cultures. I am very strong in troubleshooting all types of problems, hardware and software related. I have assembled and rebuilt countless servers from basic components. I have diagnosed and repaired countless problems both individually and working with a team. I have been directly responsible for the management of over 30 client networks simultaneously, including the management of other Network Engineers and Systems Administrators outsourced at client sites. Also, I have managed multiple teams of IT  

IT Consulting CIO Services


How to Use Technology to Help You Overcome Business Challenges

When it comes to the technology you need to run your business, it can be difficult to get a clear overview of what is on offer. There are so many options when it comes to hardware, software, cloud computing and everything else in between that it can be of real value to have a business partner who can point you in the right direction.

Compurex Does More Than Just Sell Technology

We combine IT and small business consulting expertise

That combination of IT expertise and business acumen enables us to develop technology solutions that meet your real business challenges. Success is about more than the right technology, it's about implementing proven best practices that meet your unique requirements. Using our IT Consulting CIO Services will give you the ability to optimize your productivity, become more secure and compliant, and enjoy a rapid return on your IT investments.

Make Certain You Have Clear Insight Before Making Decisions

IT Consulting CIO Services from Compurex give you:

  • Vendor-agnostic solutions that are based on known technology standards and best practices
  • A combination of IT expertise and business acumen, something many other providers simply do not offer
  • A full range of IT Services at your disposal including planning, procurement, implementation, and ongoing management

Compurex becomes a virtual extension of your business, helping you design, develop, implement and maintain technology strategies that align with your needs and goals.

Business Continuity


Would your data survive theft or a disaster?

Can you afford to lose everything you’ve worked so hard for?

Any professional computer technician will tell you that there are two types of hard drive - those that have failed and those that will fail. The only question is when. To that end, All Inclusive Backup & Disaster Recovery from Compurex ensures your total peace of mind, knowing all your data is continuously archived, redundant, and ready to be restored at a moment's notice, even after a major disaster.

Don't Underestimate the Importance of your Data

Your company's data is one of its most valuable assets.

Over 80% of businesses don't have a reliable backup solution. What some might not be aware of is the fact that the cost of restoring data on a malfunctioning hard drive is astronomical and never guaranteed. We've all heard the horror stories; but ask yourself whether you are willing to risk becoming a victim.

Not just backup... this is Disaster Recovery

Sleep easy knowing your data is ALWAYS SAFE

Data loss amounts to massive downtime as you wait for the backup to be restored. Wouldn't you rather it only took minutes away from your productivity, instead of hours or days?

Our bullet-proof system backs up your data every fifteen minutes.

In the event of a server malfunction, it can assume the role of that server, while still performing incremental backups.

Your network will still be up and running while your server is being fixed and parts are being ordered.

Don't think of it as merely a data backup solution, but as a complete fail-safe for your servers. Your files are always accessible at a moment's notice and can be restored easily.


Network Support & Maintenance

  At Compurex.LLC we offer cutting edge IT solutions that give your small or medium-sized business access to the same advanced technologies normally only enjoyed by bigger companies with bigger budgets. This in turn gives you the ability to impress your existing customers or clients, and gain new ones by offering better service and increasing your marketing efforts. We can set up and maintain your business's network, or help troubleshoot and maintain your existing network. 

IT Support

 We are available to consult with your or your staff when problems arise with your software. This service can be either remote or on-site assistance. 

Cloud Services & Data Management

 We will work with you to establish the appropriate cloud size and available resources for your business.  

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